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ORIGINAL SONG: The melody for the spiritual ballad "Summertime" from the George Gershwin opera "Porgy and Bess".

PARODY COMPOSED: Giorgio Coniglio (registered pseudonym) and Dr. GH, August 2018. 

EVOLUTION of the LYRICS: The song-lyrics originated as limerick verses composed by Giorgio Coniglio 2017, and compiled in January 2018. The details of the lyrics were based on GC's family trip to Iceland in June 2015. Most of the verses also appear, mildly modified, in the online limerick dictionary They were subsequently adopted as a parody-song collage, and posted on GC's blog, at that time known as 'Ukable Parodies'. 

SONGLINK: A calypso-style song derived from the same visit to Iceland in June 2015 can be found on the current lyrics blogsite 'SILLY SONGS and SATIRE' under the title "Nordic Journal: Island in the Sun".                                  

CONTENTS: titles (OEDILF listing)

1. Iceland / Ísland  (#T461286 - 'dry land')
2. Geysir: OEDILF (#95658)
3. Eyjafjallajökull / E15 (#101241)
4. Second-Hand Geyser (#102300 - 'displease')
5. Stopover in Reykjavik 


(to the tune of "Summertime") 

1. In the far North Atlantic there’s dry land:
Friendly Iceland – it’s my kind of island.
You’ll be welcomed in Ísland *; cool and damp but at-peace land
Summer-sun-all-day-but-you-won’t-fry land.

2. Tourists learn the Norse thermal god plays here;
The Icelandic locale known as ‘Geysir’.
From hot pools steam erupts - belching after he sups.
Then they head for the sign (that says),“Tour Bus Stays Here.”

3. E15, Iceland stratovolcano,
Spews out fog that can clog up your plane, Oh
If explain it I must - it’s just ashes and dust;  
Can’t they flush it away with some Drano?

4. A cheap gift: though Björn thought he’d surprise her,
Björg rejected his second-hand geyser,                                              
“What I’d prize is a freezer. Your poor wife, why displease her?
It just proves you’re a nasty old miser.”

5. If you’re planning an Iceland stopover:
Avoid months with an 'R', like October;  
And a Reykjavik warning! Bars open til morning  
With patrons not prone to stay sober.

* pronounced as EES-lahndt.

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