Monday, 20 January 2020

SINGABLE SATIRE: "RELIC SUBMARINES", as might be sung by the Beatles


ORIGINAL SONG:  "Yellow Submarine", The Beatles 1966, with lead vocals by Ringo Starr.
BACKGROUND: Giorgio's substitute lyrics draw on his personal experience as an occasional denizen of South Carolina. With prominent tourist sites for the display of submarines from the Civil War, World War II and the Cold War, Charleston SC and the adjacent suburb of Mt Pleasant seem like a grim version of the Beatles' fantasy "land of submarines" - see the photo collages and explanatory details below.
SATIRE COMPOSED: Giorgio Coniglio and Dr. GH, December 2018.

SONGLINKS: The parody-lyrics with accompanying chords for guitar or ukulele players are found on our lyrics blog "SILLY SONGS and SATIRE" here. And should you need to be reminded of the lyrics of the original, written as a simple children's song, find them in ukulele-friendly format at the bottom of that post. Giorgio's other satire lyrics substituted to Beatles' songs include "Vonnegut" (Imagine); "Saturday Night" (Yesterday); "Brennan's Tweet" (Let It Be); "Jake" (While My Guitar Gently Weeps).


(to the tune of "Yellow Submarine")

In the town where I’ve retired
A Memorial’s awfully near.
And it tells us of the time
When the Cold War engendered fear.

Sailors sailed, to keep us ‘safe’ --
Secret missions ‘neath the waves.
Soviet strike? Well we’d respond.
They could never make us slaves.

Nuclear power transformed the submarine --
Submerged months in between, with missile launch unseen.
Trident warheads, a payload that’s obscene,
A missile-launch machine, nuclear submarine.

No recourse, all mankind’s caught
In the path of the juggernaut.
So give Gor-bachev our thanks,
(nautical tune)

We all live near a nuclear submarine,
Missile-launch machine; we’re all trapped in between.
We all live with nuclear submarines.
Missile-launch machines blow Earth to smithereens.

Cold War’s thawed – a time of peace.
From a gruesome fate, we’re now released.
A Memorial down the street --
Tourists gripe about the summer heat.

We all live near a nuclear submarine,
Missile-launch machine; we’re all trapped in between.
Live or die with nuclear submarines.
Missile-launch machines blow Earth to smithereens.

U.S.; Civil War; submarines; Confederacy; H.L. Hunley; Charleston; Giorgio Coniglio South Carolina

Patriots Point; Mt. Pleasant; South Carolina; submarines; nuclear weapons; Giorgio Coniglio

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