Wednesday, 5 February 2020

A VERY STABLE GENIUS -- Theme and Variations (anagrams)

SATIRE COMPOSED: Giorgio Coniglio / Dr. GH, January, 2020. 

BACKGROUND INFORMATION: Last week, an important book describing the administration of the White House under President Donald J. Trump was released for publication. The book, entitled "A Very Stable Genius", is the result of extensive reporting by two Pulitzer-prize winning journalists. 

"A VERY STABLE GENIUS" - theme and variations (anagrams)

1. Every suitable snag.
2. "Yes! A beavering slut."
3. Tune: "Slays verbiage."
4. Satan-believer, guys!
5. Gave tribunal 'yes'es.
6. Average bluesy snit.
7. Ugly stains bereave.
8. Leverage: sub-sanity.
9. Buys entire salvage.
10. Russian bag tee levy.
11. Savagery: Bite nurse!
12. Uneasy? Give re-blast.
13. Visuals abet energy.
14. Age unveils, betrays.
15. "Guilty" never abases.
16. Unity-saver: beagles.
17. Beget silvery sauna.
18. "Suitably, as revenge."
19. Eagles snub variety.
20. Ably stage universe.
21. Elevate Syrian bugs.
22. Geese variably stun.
23. Venerable gay suits.
24. Set Serbian vaguely.
25. Eleven Arab guys sit.
26. Rites began suavely.
27. Sin: a lusty beverage.
28. U.S.A. never gets Libya.
29. Naively urge basest.
30. Rage sent, abusively.
31. Generals' vitae - busy!
32. Beauty slave reigns.
33. Elegy -- bet USA vs Iran.
34. Anger abuses levity.
35. Veritable easy guns.
36. Release a vying bust.
37. Lying: A beaut serves.

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