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The current offering represents a followup to a slew of recent map-art blogposts by Giorgio Coniglio (registered pseudonym) and Dr. GH. 
 - Tourists' Palindromic Guide: The Old World #1
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Tourists' Palindromic Guide: The Americas #2
 - Tourists' Palindromic Guide: The Americas #3
 - Tourists' Palindromic Guide: The Americas #4

"A man, a plan, a canal - Panama"
Readers who are particularly interested in wordplay might also enjoy a fantastical discussion, set to music, on the development of this famous palindrome by Leigh Mercer, in post #185 of our lyrics blog (SILLY SONGS and SATIRE)  ...
"Leigh Mercer's Palindrome Workshop" 
EDITOR'S NOTE: By popular demand, the song-lyrics blog has been changed to a private-reader function. If your email is on Giorgio's list of selected glitterati, you can sign in using your Google password, and enjoy the experience as in the past. ALL OTHERS are welcome to join in, but you will have to leave us a comment here including your email address, and a request to be included.  

rêve = French for dream.
Tulsa, Oklahoma: a stop on U.S. Route 66, as mentioned in the eponymic jazz ballad.
Amana Colonies: a religious community, the Pietists, founded this settlement in the state of Iowa in 1856.
panama (Ecuadorian hat): a traditional brimmed straw hat of Ecuadorian origin, becoming popular worldwide at the beginning of the 20th century.
BNA Act: The British North America Act paved the way for the  Confederation of Canada in 1867.

And, if you still need a fix of more palindromic fun, go on to "Magical Canal Verses and Palindromes" (only available on or after Jan 15, 2020)

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