Monday, 11 November 2019


WORDPLAY post #196 
This post is a sneak preview of upcoming material, targeted for Dec 15, 2019. 

"The Kiss"
ée Rodin, Paris 
SATIRE COMPOSED: Giorgio Coniglio, September 2019. Today's verses have also been web-published at OEDILF.coman online humor dictionary that has accumulated over 100,000 carefully edited limericks. Thanks are due to OEDILF contributing-editor MikeAq who kindly permitted links to some of his verses in the present collection (proceed to the bottom of the post to see those).
As limerick-writers are often tempted to dive into the baser spheres of human life, the dictionary has a 'curtained room', accessible only to online members, presumably flagging that the designated verses may not be suitable for children. On his own recognizance, Giorgio has selected the following verses from OEDILF's 'Curtained Room', based on their  requiring only 'light curtaining', and taken the risk of offending some readers by publishing them on this otherwise sedate, and arguably family-oriented blog.

EDITOR'S NOTE: By popular demand, our song-lyrics blog (SILLY SONGS and SATIRE), has been changed to a private-reader function. If your email is on Giorgio's list of selected glitterati, you can sign in using your Google password, and enjoy the experience as in the past. ALL OTHERS are welcome to join in there as well, but you will have to leave me a comment here including your email address, and a request to be included as a reader of that second blog.  

WARNING: The following verses may not be suitable for all ages. Those under 15, or over 85, are advised to read the following content only with the permission and supervision of an adult family member.

Further poetic musings on canoeing can be found on an earlier blogpost.

Copyright 2019, MikeAq
Link to MikeAq's 'Doodle'

Copyright 2019, MikeAq
Link to MikeAq's 'Eighty

  Copyright 2019, MikeAq
Link to MikeAq's "Digital"

Copyright 2019, MikeAq

Link to MikeAq's "Assaulting"

Copyright 2019, MikeAq
Link to MikeAq's "Grounds for Divorce" .

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