Wednesday, 25 September 2019

SUPPLEMENT: The 'FUN WITH IMPEACHMENT' Collection (a review prompted by the PELOSI DECLARATION).

WORDPLAY POST (un-numbered): a REPRISE of wordplay and head-shaking by Giorgio Coniglio from May, 2018 and subsequently. 
This review of past postings was incited by today's news (September 24, 2019), relating that we are squarely in the midst of another unfolding impeachment drama. 

But we all need to have a bit of fun, so here's the material to review. Click on the links, and cluck to your heart's content... 

FUN WITH IMPEACHMENT  (post #116), May 15, 2018

MORE FUN WITH IMPEACHMENT (post #118), May 25, 2018

STILL MORE FUN WITH IMPEACHMENT (post #122), June 10, 2018

and from a more recent perspective...
THIRTY-ODD POLITICALLY TAINTED PALINDROMES (post #190), targeted for  release January 15, 2020, but leaked to the 'Fake News' Media, as represented by this blog.


SONGLINK: For a summary of singable fun on the same topic, please see this post on our lyrics-blog "SINGABLE SONGS and SATIRE


Q: In what American towns, anagramatically, can we find H.C.'s 'deplorables'?
A: There are a number of states in which they are found in smaller towns and cities. Some of these are shown in the following map. 

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