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PARODY COMPOSED: Giorgio Coniglio (registered pseudonym) and Dr. GH, May 2019. This blogpost is the first in a series of four collections of verses and photos. based primarily on Giorgio's waterfront outings in South Carolina and Ontario. 
Today's verses. dealing primarily with the South Carolina lowcountry environment, have been published (a few remain under review) at The Omnificent English Dictionary In Limerick Form is an online humor dictionary that has accumulated over 100,000 carefully edited poems (Giorgio is proud to have contributed almost 300). 
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PHOTOS: I am indebted to Bill Wingfield for providing the wonderful photo of the wood stork in flight. Unless otherwise noted, embedded photographs were taken with and transferred from Giorgio's cellphone, then formatted using ancient Powerpoint software. No photographic subjects were reimbursed for participating in this undertaking. 

SONGLINK: For those readers who like poetry set to music: You can find lots of singable limerick-medleys and other song formats on our sister blog "SILLY SONGS and SATIRE", such as this recent post. And, if you would like to sing some of the poetry about birds presented here, you can find some of these verses in singable format (with ukulele chords displayed) by following this link.  

Bird-watchers, academic ornithologists, wordplay enthusiasts, wildlife photographers, Giorgio's relatives, and just everyday folks have united in their demand for more verses on this topic!
So, please follow this link!... 

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