Friday, 15 March 2019

COLD WAR VERSE: Limericks About BROKEN ARROWS (nuclear weapon mishaps)

WORDPLAY post #160 
PARODY COMPOSED: Giorgio Coniglio, June 2018. These verses have also been published recently at the website, an online humor dictionary that has accumulated over 100,000 carefully edited poems.

SONGLINK: The original story was encountered as a 60th anniversary reprise by the Charleston SC daily newspaper Post and Courier; it became the basis of satirical lyrics by Giorgio, which can be found here.
For those readers who like poetry set to music: You can find lots of singable limerick-medleys and other song-formats on our sister blog "SILLY SONGS and SATIRE", such as this recent post.

You can learn more about "Broken Arrows" on the web from these sources:

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