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CANALINDROMES: A Trip in Both Directions Through the Panama Canal.

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ORIGINAL SOURCES: Classic lists, e.g. PalindromeList (PL)Neil/Fred's Gigantic List of Palindromes. provide a portion of the palindromes; the remainder were composed by GC.

Leigh Mercer, a Briton, presumably invented the famous palindrome
    A man, a plan, a canal - Panama
Ben Jonson, inventor of 
the term palindrome


Some of these palindromic phrases and sentences fact deal with canal themes; some are selected due to the ultimate emphasis on intriguing place-names. 
Other phrases listed here are based on the well-recognized word order of Mercer's classic phrase.

A number of additional phrases were not included here, but for relevance were included in other topic-focused palindrome-collections on this blog, particularly post #8 (Culinary World), post #9 (Political Blurts), #12 (Satan), and #14 (Romance).]

A discussion of historical aspects, and some further examples are found at   Panama : Fun-with-Words.


Mercer's famous palindrome


Having fun with the classic palindrome has 
always been a source of delight. So here are a few examples from our collection of "Classic Palindromes and Goofy Variants"  to introduce the topic ... 


A cap, lass, an ass - alpaca.

A car, a man -  a maraca. [man can be substituted by mat, or map] 

A car, a man afar, a fan, a maraca.

A dog, a pagan, a nag - a pagoda.

A dog, a panic in a pagoda.

A dog, a plan, a cat, a bat, a canal - pagoda.

A flan, a final plan, if an Alfa. 

A ion, a rap - paranoia. [poor grammar excused, right?]

A lag, a man, a petite Panama - gala.

A lob, a rap, sin-net, tennis - parabola. 

A Maj., a panic in a pajama.

A Maj., a plat, a fan, a fatal pyjama.

A mall, a plan, a canal, Pa - llama.

A man, a pail, a loss, Olga - glossolalia (Panama).

A man, a pain, a mania - Panama.

A man, a palate et al. - a panama.

A man, a pan, a nab, a banana - Panama.

A man, a pang, a salad, a lasagna - Panama.

A man, a panino, O Nina - Panama.

A man, a panorama: Pam, Aron, a panama. 

A man, a pasta-salad; alas - 'at's-a Panama.

A man, a pat, a hat - a panama.

A man; a pat fan; el Can.-Am. manacle – NAFTA   (Panama).

A man, a pâté, feta - Panama.

A man, a penal-lane - Panama.

A man, a peon, a canoe - Panama.

A man, a person; no 's' re Panama.

A man, a pin-up, pun I -  Panama.

A man, a plain, Ed; denial -  Panama.

A man, a plan A - banal! - Panama. 

A man, a plan, a bat - a banal panama. [bat could be replaced by bat, bar, ball, bass

A man, a plan, a bar, a car -  a banal panama. ['a bar, a car' could be replaced by several options, e.g. a bat, a mat - see below]

A man, a plan, a cab, a canal - Panama. [cab could be replaced by cad, can, cap, car, cat, also call 

A man, a plan, a call, a canal - Panama  

A man, a plan, a cannon, a nonna, canal - Panama. [It. for grandma]

A man, a plan, a canoe: peon, a canal - Panama.

A man, a plan, a canon anon, a canal - Panama.  

A man, a plan, a cat, a hat, a canal - Panama. 

A man, a plan, acetate canal - Panama. 

A man, a plan, if B-- final! - Panama. 

A man, a plan, if C -- final! - Panama.  etc.

A man, a plan, I fall;  a final Panama.

A man, a plan, if B (if fib), final - Panama.

A man, a plan, if final - Panama.  

A man, a plane, venal! - Panama.

A man, a plate, stir grits et al. - Panama.

A man, a planet; ten, Al - Panama.

A man, a poem or Romeo - Panama.

A man, a poison. No! Sí! O Panama. 

A man, a pool, a deed, a loo - Panama.

A man, a poser-Pres – O, Panama!

A man, a poseur; rue so! – Panama.

A man, a pot, pogo; GOP to Panama.

A man, a POT-Elect, Cele – to Panama.

A man? A prison. No sir! Panama.  (contributed by Sarah Palindrome)

A man, a prop, rot, torpor - Panama. 

A man, a pun, gag, a banana bag, a gnu - Panama.

A man, a pun, gnat, a tan, gnu - Panama.

A man apart, Luc. Ultra? - Panama. [Fr. for 'hard-liner']

A man-ape: rare - Panama.

A man, app, eels asleep - Panama.

A man appals; I slap - Panama.

A man, apogee, ego - Panama.

A man, Apollo - Panama.

A man, Apple-Help - Panama.

A nab, a clan, a canal  - cabana.

A Nan, a ball, a hall -  a banana.

A nan, a brat, a tar - banana.

A nit, a plan, a canal - patina. 

A plan, a call, a canal - PA. ['PA' is Panama's international postal abbreviation]

A tip - "Le Falafel" - pita.

A yap, a Papa -  papaya.

Al let a plan, a canal - patella. [surgical ligament repair?]

Ale, map. Gals lag, Pamela.

Amen! enamor a Roman enema.  

Amen, icy cinema.

Art-seal, a plan, a canal - palaestra.

Ate plate, elk-cub, buckle et al. - PETA.

Dill, a plan, a canal - pallid.

Elle, canal a nacelle.  [Fr. - Look it up !]

Max. élan: I gave vaginal exam.

No lavatory? Rot! - Avalon.

No lavabos, (sob) - Avalon. 

No sir! plan a canal - Prison.

O Nina, place a caecal panino.  [It. - sandwich]

One man a polo-gigolo -  panameňo.

One man, a prism, Sir  -  panameňo.

One man, a prison? no Sir -  panameňo.

One man, a palate; snub buns et al. - a panameňo.

One man, Apollo - panameňo. [Sp. for a citizen of Panama]

One man, a perusal, a plan, a canal, pal? - A sure panameňo.

One man, a plan -A.C. (Canal Panameňo).

Satan, I plan a canal - piňatas.

Sine (p), a plan, a canal, Pa - p***s.

Sis, airy task - satyriasis.

Sugar, a psalm - (L.) asparagus.

And  finally.....

LAN, A.C., a man, Apple-Help - Panama Canal.

FOLLOW-UP NOTE: Owing to the number of palindromes dealing with other geographic sites, but analogous in structure to the iconic 'Panama Palindrome', 2 subsequent postings have been developed - see Post #65 and  Post #68

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PALINDROMES: an alphabetic list of topic-directed examples.
EDITOR: Giorgio Coniglio, February 2017.



A dim or fondle-held 'No' from Ida.

A man, a pain, amor - Romania (Panama).

A man, a pin-up (pun I) - Panama.

A man, a poem or Romeo - Panama.

A man, a pro, a "Hola!", "Aloha", or Panama.

A man? I gave no one v***na, Ma.

A slim or fond 'No' from Ilsa.

Ah, a moniliasis. Ail in Omaha.

Aloe, rapid dip - areola.

Alone: Rabbi's sib - bare Nola.

Amen, a Piety-Lyte - Ipanema.

Amen, a pill -  Ipanema.

Amen, a pin-up pun: Ipanema.

Amore - Roma. 

An ad, "Peep if I peep. Dana" 

An ad, "Strap parts if I strap parts. Dana"

Are Mac 'n' Oliver ever evil on camera?

As I pee, sir, I see Pisa.

Bad exes sexed, Ab.

Burrow or rub.

Cain, a motor erotomaniac.

Dennis sinned.  (See post "Satan and His Devilish Palindromes" for many variants)  

Dig Ira - rigid.

Don said, "A Nadia's nod ..." 

Doomed: un-nude mood.

Ed under Deb's bed. Red, nude.

Egad! No bare life-defiler - a bondage.

Elope, else sleep. Olé !

Eros? Sidney, my end is sore.

Ev; lovers revolve.

"Even it felt left in," Eve.

Harass exes, Sarah.

"I desire not one rise", Edi.

I moan, "Spit tops if I spot tips, Naomi."

I roamed under it as a tired, nude Maori.

Ma is a nun, as I am.

Ma is at sensuous nest, as I am.

Motel bidet: Edible, Tom.

Motto B sotto Otto's bottom.

Ms; I pair-prefer. Refer -  "priapism".

Naomi, I moan.

Nemo, we revere women.

No lynxes' sex - nylon.

No lynxes pale. Lap-sex. Nylon.

No! Tie it on.

Now, Ned, I am a maiden won.

Nu? Fondle held; no fun. 

One man, Apollo - panameňo

Puff up if I puff up.

Retract bed-debt, Carter.

Revolt on Yale, delay not lovers.

"Ron. I'm a minor."

Senile feline prefer penile felines.

Sex-elf flexes.

"Sex afar", Ira faxes. 

Sex at my gym taxes.

Sex at noon taxes.

Sex at p.m. or romp taxes. 

Sex aware era waxes.

Sex of foxes.

Sex - obese boxes.

Sis; airy task - satyriasis.

Solo gigolos. 

Sore? Bursitis rub, Eros.

Strap on no parts.

Sun- an avid divan - anus.

T. Eliot Ret. faxes, "Sex after toilet".

Tender red net.

Too hot to hoot.

Tulsa tips: "66; spit." A slut. 

Uvula -  'A luv U. 

Women! Ah! a mode, Ed - Omaha NE. Mow!

Won't lovers revolt now?

Yawn! O, latex et al. on way.

Yawn! Amore, Roman way.