Friday, 15 January 2021

JAN 15, 'ELECTION FRAUD' Anagrams: A Contest


Over the last week we have had an anagram contest at the national (U.S.) level. We are sorry if you missed the opportunity to participate.

The challenge was to come up with the best anagram (letter-scramble) of


Out of an abundance of caution, we avoided announcing the contest initially, and have not required contest participants to agree to publishing their phone numbers, email addresses or charge-card PINs.

But we are now pleased to announce that the winning entry nationally was ...

Consideration was also given by the judges to the best entry for each participating state; the winning entries are shown on the accompanying map.

Sincere thanks to all who participated.

The national runner-up for best anagram is...
Now to the runners-up for each participating state...
Read carefully. These concoctions are all different from the state 'Winners', which were posted 2 days ago!
And have a safe week -- two-day countdown to Freedom-from-Trump Day!

As you know, in the national contest the Best Anagram was 
                                                FAILED RECOUNT
and the Runner-up was...       OUTLINED FARCE

Here are some other entries worthy of attention...
                                                NOTICED EARFUL
                                                REINFECT ALOUD
                                                FUEL RIOT-DANCE
                                                UNALTERED FOCI
                                                ELUDE FRACTION
                                                LEFTIE CANDOUR
                                                ULCERATED INFO
                                                ELFIN EDUCATOR
                                                UNFIT CO-LEADER    

This seems like a good point to mention several other notable contest entries, including ...

'Fold Retinue' (CA)
'Fault Recode' (IN)
'Direct Afoul' (NE)
'Federal Coin' (UT)
'Funereal Cot' and 'Cereal Futon' (ID)
'Fancier Lout', 'Curtain Floe', and 'Fouler Antic' (DE)
'I.e. Canoe Turd', 'Auntie Decor' and 'IOU Recanted' (FL).

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Tuesday, 10 November 2020

Hikes, Bikes and Likes: TORONTO RAVINES #4

  Here's more stuff about some of Toronto's hidden treasures, continuing from three previous posts entitled "Hikes, Bikes and Likes: TORONTO RAVINES" #1 and #2 and #3.

On a sunny morning, shimmering light reflected from the Don River below highlights the canoes that constitute this art installation. It's located near the 'Elevated Uplands' under a bridge that carries Don Mills Road, near its junction with the Don Valley Expressway.

a) An eco-tourist attracted to view the "Shimmering Canoes". b) Your blog-editor visits the nearby "Elevated Wetlands" (a.k.a. "the solar molars").

Sculpture by Canadian naturalist, innovator and artist William Lishman.

If you have enjoyed these excursions through Toronto's network of ravines, you might also enjoy reviewing the city's other iconic sights -  ecologic, cultural and architectural as pictured on the blog "Toronto Oases".